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Thoreau’s Garden Is A Social Enterprise Of Thoreau College, With Three Main Purposes:

  • To provide high quality houseplants, flower, herb and vegetable starts, hardy perennials, winter greens and other beautiful and delicious growing things for the local community using conventional, organic, and biodynamic techniques;
  • To provide an educational environment where Thoreau College students can learn about ecology, sustainability, botany, organic and biodynamic agriculture, hard work and entrepreneurialism including marketing and business management;
  • To generate revenues that can support the Scholarship Fund of Thoreau College.
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Seasonal Specials

September 2022

Sign up here for our October microgreen share!

Fall bulbs are in the shop! Grow your own Saffron with fall blooming saffron crocus!

Mums and Asters are in the garden center !

Check out our ornamental peppers and cabbage for fall planters.

All perennials are 50% off

Perennial grasses are 75% off

Pumpkins and gourds coming soon!